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Who we are and how we survived COVID

Like the rest of the world Covid-19 hit our business hard, but in true Wolfkop style we have not let the recent pandemic slow us down. The management team has worked hard on strategising and putting plans in place that not only ensured the survival of the business but also ensure that our team of 30 can continue to work and earn a living in order to survive during these trying times.

Our brand new glamping villas are the results of such planning and we couldn’t be more proud. We had a look at what material we already have and how we could use this to make something beautiful using our talented team to design, build and create something magical for our guests to enjoy. We are proud to say that we have not had to retrench one member of our team, and with the new advanced level 3 protocols in place we are excited to open our doors again and welcome guests to our brand new Luxury Glamping Villas in the heart of the Cederberg.

Our company is also working its way towards a better greener version of itself, concentrating on recycling, up-cycling and offering filtered water at all of our campsites to help reduce plastic waste, as well as hosting the biannual tree planting campout weekend, where we invite guests to join us in planting around 100 indigenous trees per event over a weekend of digging, planting, learning and celebrating nature.

We have also recently employed our very own gardener Ibonga Tom who is currently working on creating a community garden where we will grow seasonal fruit and vegetables for our guests to pick during their stay.

We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box and manufacture all of the following items which in turn allows us to continue to create work for the people in the Citrusdal community: Bedouin stretch tents, Bedouin villas, toilet and shower units, pizza ovens, hot tubs, fire pits, braai drums, pallet furniture, four poster jetties, kitchen units, four poster beds and bedroom storage units to mention but a few.

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