Hiking - Leopard Trail

Wolfkop Nature Reserve

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Wolfkop Nature Reserve have 2 hiking trails. 3km and 10km. Both are circular trails boosting spectacular views of the Citrusdal Valley and the Nature Reserve.

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Leopard Trail : 10 Km Circle Route

The 10km circle route hiking trail takes roughly 3,5 hours. Rock formations (laid down between 500 million years ago by the Table Mountain sand stone group) paints the dramatic picture of the landscape including bushmen paintings dated 10 000 years old and panoramic scenes of over 500+ species of fynbos. Find a boegoe leaf for lovely flavour to your cup of tea.

Water : There is no water on the trail, so make sure to keep yourself hydrated.

Fitness level : This hike can be done by the not so fit hiker, keeping in mind an ascend of 700m. Remember lots of water and taking many breaks inbetween.

Elevation : Circle Route: The first 4,5 km as an ascend of 700m. The next 5km has a gradual decline and last 1km 100m decline.

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